Womb Healing £333

3 Hour Session Face to Face with follow up sessions

How it works

Prior to the session you will receive some affirmations to support your healing.  These will need to be read out aloud 3 times.

I will access your Akashic Records and create a short report about your emotions blocks.

When we meet, you will be given warm Cacao.  This beautiful plant medicine will act as a catalyst for your healing.  It will warm the womb and gently soften the heart throughout the entire process.

We will open up the space and invite in our ancestors and guides.  I will then go over your Akashic report with you.  We will work together to activate your Light Body and Merkabah as well as ground your energy into Gaia.  I will then channel the first part of your healing as I work with your Ancestors.

You will then lay comfortably on a table and be infused with essential oils.  I will then begin to work with powerful energy to deepen your healing.  I will use sound a well as chant with Light Language and guide you through Breathwork and visualisations.  This aids the clearing.

Many clients fall into a space of deep relaxation during these sessions as the work is powerful and often the guides and ancestors will place them into these states to perform the work.

At the end of the session, all energy will be grounded into Gaia and you will be given another set of affirmations to support your ongoing healing.  These will need to be read out for 21 days and are specific to your requirements.

We will then meet, online for two 30 minute sessions.

Womb Healing £333

3 Hour Session Face to Face with follow up sessions

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