12 Month Akashic Forecast Reading £144

90 Minute Reading

How it works

This is a beautiful reading, where you will receive individualized affirmations for each month, based on the overall energy of the year.

How it Works

Upon booking, you will b e sent a Zoom link.  I will then access your Akashic Records to locate your blocks for each month of the year.  We will then meet and I will cover.

  • What is blocking you in 2024
  • What energy is supporting you.
  • 12 month forecast with individualized affirmations.
  • How to work with the energy of 2024 instead of against it
  • How to manifest in 2024.

How will this Reading support you?

  • You will have clarity on your life and purpose in 2024
  • You will be given the tools to unlock your gifts
  • You will have guidance on how to achieve your goals
  • You will know what needs to be released in order to move forward powerfully
  • You will have clarity on your relationships covering love, career, colleagues ets.
  • You will be given guidance on how to manifest your desired outcomes.

These sessions are recorded, as there is a large amount of information included.  You will receive the recording via email after our session together.

12 Month Akashic Forecast Reading £144

90 Minute Reading

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