Akashic Record Reading £144

90 Minute Reading In 2 Parts Accessing Your Akashic Records

Part 1 How it works

I will cover…

Your Soul Origin

Are you an earth-based soul or do you originate in the stars? Understanding our soul origin can explain how we feel and interact during our lives on earth. Some of our struggles may be through a lack of earth-based experiences. Just knowing where we are from can be a liberating experience, allowing us to understand, accept, and embrace ourselves, fostering a deeper connection to our identity and navigating life with a heightened sense of purpose and self-awareness.

"Once you start to reconnect to your Divine Soul Blueprint and reunite with your soul gifts...... Everything changes and your life becomes powerful." 

Your Soul Vibration

A low vibration means you live in fear and negativity meaning your mental and physical well being suffers.

A high vibration means you are closer to divinity, love and manifestation of your desired life.

By raising your consciousness and living in harmony with your divine self, you can raise your vibration and lead an abundant life.

In this reading you will discover your

Your Soul Purpose

Did you know that when your soul was first created, you where given a purpose?  That purpose remains the same throughout all of our lifetimes and it is down to us and our various incarnations as to how we express that purpose through these lifetimes.  When we are out of alignment and there is not enough life force energy running through us, to support our purpose, this creates a lack of abundance in our lives.

Your Spirit Guides

Each and every one of us has a team of spirit guides that support us.  This team is recruited by your Higher Self and is strategically placed to support our life.  Often these guides that were once supporting us positively begin to continue supporting us, in a manner that we have outgrown.  This creates a negative program, which runs through us.  When this happens, we manifest negative experiences in our current life, based on this program.  This reading will be able to locate the program, clear it as well as recruit new guides that are more congruent with our healed selves.

Your Past Lives

When you have an Akashic Record Reading, a few of your past lives are revealed.  This is incredibly fascinating as well as healing.  Many of these lives are still running programs and karma that are affecting us in this lifetime.  Accessing these lives and clearing this, can make a huge positive impact on your life as well as shed some light as to why certain things are, the way they are, in your life.

Part 2 of Your Reading

Analyse Progress & Energetic Clearing

After your 21 days of continuous affirmations, we will then meet again and during this session, the progress that you have made, will be revealed.  It is wonderful to be able to measure your progress, during your healing journey.

Next Steps


You will book in and let us know your given birth name, date and place of birth. This will allow me to access your soul records in the Akashic Records.


I will send you some affirmations that need to be read with intention for three days prior to your reading. This will prepare you for the reading as well as call back your power and all aspects of your soul.

The Reading

We meet online and in 1 hour I will take you through your Soul Journey Reading where we cover all five aspects outlined above.


A recording of the meeting is made with a transcript that will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Your Journey

For some this is for curiosity, but for many this is the start of a spiritual journey of awakenment. We hope you find your true purpose and become a champion of change.


Akashic Record Reading £144

90 Minute Reading In 2 Parts Accessing Your Akashic Records

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