Akashic Package £555

5 Various sessions over a few months. .

This life changing journey begins with a full Akashic Record Reading.  Then we will meet over a period of a few months and work through….


Full Soul Reading

This is an hour's reading that covers your past, present and future influences.  It also looks at your relationships and the role that you are playing within these karmic connections.  The Soul Reading also covers career/purpose, overall well being as well as spirit guide guidance.


Inner Child Work

This is a healing session that connects you to the child within.  By understanding how you view your inner child, you can see how certain events in your life have manifested from this relationship.  It will also support you moving forwards.


Light Colour Healing and Clearing

This is a very transformational session where powerful coloured rays are channelled into your being for healing.  Each session is unique to the individual and an energetic clearing and Light Language Activation will also be included in this session.


Past Life Healing & Conclusion

During this session, I will be guided to various past life events that are still affecting you in this incarnation.  These timelines will be cleared.  This final session will also be  a time to measure your progress and your Akashic Record reading will be revisited, to see if the clearings have taken place and how much progress you have made.

Akashic Package £555

5 Various sessions over a few months. .

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