Akashic Record Training £888

A 3 Day Course of 4 Hours per Day - Dates to be confirmed

Welcome to Akashic Records.

Every course that is delivered through the Casca Graham Academy, is internationally accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine IPHM.  This means that they are professionally recognised.

What are our Akashic Records

Our Akashic Records are our souls library.  The best way to describe this is if you visualise a huge library.  Every book represents a lifetime and within these books holds every experience we have ever had.  By accessing the records, we are able to find out more about our souls history and the journey we have been on.  One of the main reasons we will access our records is to locate some of the blocks and restrictions that hold us back.  Many of us have deep programs that run through us and these programs actually manifest negative experiences in our lives.  We are the creators of our experience, not the victims and when we begin to fully recognise this and are able to clear these blocks, life changes for the better.

About The Course

This is a highly evolved, three-day course that will support you to step into your power and connect to your Divine Soul Blueprint.  You will start to raise your own vibration and work through your karma.  Not only will you learn to navigate through the records, you will also learn to connect to our Star Brothers and Sisters as well as the other planets. Our records hold every experience of our soul and sometimes these imprints start to run programmes that prevent us from living an abundant life.  These programs are so deep that they can actually manifest negative experiences, running repeat patterns in our lives.  Once cleared, we can start to live our divinity our soul purpose.

You will also learn about our soul vibration and the importance of maintaining a high vibration to manifest your dream life.

This course is hugely transformational on a personal as well as a professional level. You will have two Merkabah Activations as well as an attunement from your Akashic Record guide. you will also be given at attunement, prior to starting the course. Your healing practice will be elevated to a very high level and you will be able to support your clients in such an authentic way.  Truly guiding them towards their divinity.  You will be a beacon of light and guide others to do the same.

This course is currently only delivered twice a year and spaces are limited.  Payment options can be arranged.

All students will be joined to an online community, where they can receive ongoing support from other practitioners as well as from myself.

Course Prerequisites

No previous training is necessary for this course

Course Details

Dates all times are BST

This course is delivered over 3 days of roughly 4 hours each day.

After this course, you will be a qualified Akashic Records reader and you will be able to gain insurance to work professionally.

Course Dates & Booking

A 3 Day Course of 4 Hours per Day - Dates to be confirmed

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