The Majestic Power of Dragon Reiki
Written by Casca Graham | Posted on March 9, 2022

What is Dragon Reiki

For those seeking a profound and transformative energy healing experience, Dragon Reiki offers a unique path to awakening your inner fire and power. This ancient practice channels the primordial forces of the mythical Elemental Dragons and the infinite wisdom of the Golden Akashic Dragon to clear blockages, activate your chakras, and connect you to a higher vibration infused with the shamanic energies of our living Earth.

What is Dragon Reiki

Dragon Reiki is a specialized form of Reiki that attunes the practitioner to the energies of the 4th Dimensional Elemental Dragons - powerful beings representing the four sacred elements of fire, air, water, and earth. It also calls upon the Golden Akashic Dragon, the mystical gatekeeper of the Akashic Records containing all knowledge of the universe and beyond. While traditional Reiki utilizes universal life force energy, Dragon Reiki engages these mythical dragons and the shamanic power they wield to supercharge the healing process.

The Golden Akashic Dragons

The Golden Akashic Dragon holds the keys to spiritual evolution and our soul's cosmic journey over lifetimes. By harmonizing with this source of primordial wisdom, the Reiki practitioner can help shed layers of karmic patterning and access expanded states of awareness connected to the multi-dimensional realm of consciousness.

The Experience of Dragon Reiki

A Dragon Reiki session is a multi-dimensional journey...
For those energetically ready, the Golden Akashic Dragon may reveal cosmic insights, past life visions, and a profound remembering of one's eternal nature as part of the great creator consciousness. This dragon facilitates an experience of transcendence and illumination.
Awakening Your Sacred Universe
By opening up to the 4th Dimensional Elemental Dragons, the Golden Akashic Dragon, and the shamanic energies they govern, Dragon Reiki allows you to reclaim your sacred humanity and awaken to the infinite universe within and around you. Whether you seek physical healing, emotional renewal, psychic and intuitive expansion, karmic clearing, spiritual rebirth or a reunification with universal consciousness - invoking these ancient elemental and cosmic forces can initiate a vibrational shift towards embodying your highest potential.

Spread Your Cosmic Wings

If you are ready to stoke your internal fires, awaken the magical being you are at your core, and spread your cosmic wings, seek out an experienced Dragon Reiki practitioner. Allow the majestic power of the Elemental Dragons and the infinite wisdom of the Golden Akashic Dragon to guide you on an evolutionary journey back to the great source of all creation. 


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