The Eternal Companion
Written by Casca Graham | Posted on June 17, 2024

Heart Chakra Dragon

From the moment your soul essence first sparked into being, you were gifted a constant companion. A sacred spirit guide in the form of a powerful dragon. This magnificent, ethereal dragon has been by your side through every incarnation. They have helped to steward your spiritual evolution and path of healing across countless lifetimes.
Before you ever descended into a physical body, your dragon guide was present. The have ushered your soul from the source and into individual consciousness. They have been with you from the very beginning.  An eternal, primordial force that is inextricably woven into your soul's journey. While human forms are finite, your dragon is immortal, transcending time and space.

The Profound Teacher and Protector

In your soul's infancy, your dragon acted as a profound teacher and protector. Your Dragon showed you the greater mysteries of the universe and depths of your own spirit. They breathed their ancient knowledge into your newly formed energy field, seeding the codes of healing and divinity within you. This wise beast helped you navigate formless realms and understand your immense power as a co-creator.
Then, as you began taking incarnations into realms of manifestation, your dragon followed you into each new reality - holding energetic space for you, activating soul memories, and providing a constant flow of healing light and divine life force. No matter what planetary world or dimensional universe you explored, your dragon sailed through space and time to be with you.

Visions, Dreams and Shamanic Journeys

In many ancient civilizations, humans had a conscious connection to these mighty dragons that dwelled on spiritual planes. The dragons were revered as guides that could assist one's soul progression and catalyse embodied clarity and wholeness. Your personal dragon appeared to you in visions, dreams, and shamanic journeys - breathing light codes, transmitting teachings, and filling you with the potent elements of rebirth and liberation.

Patiently Awaits your Re-awakening

Today, your dragon ally patiently awaits your re-awakening to its abiding presence. It has never left you, holding the immense love and entirety of your soul stream through every experience of forgetting and remembering. Call upon this ancient friend, and you'll receive the healing, wisdom and magic you've been seeking all along. Your dragon is the eternal force that can make you eternally whole.

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