How to Meet Your Dragon
Written by Casca Graham | Posted on October 8, 2022

How to meet your dragon guide

I'm regularly asked to introduce my clients and students to their Dragon Guides. Although this is easy for me to do this, I always suggest that they meet their Dragons independently.  It is important to establish your own unique way, in which you feel and connect to one another. Remember, this partnership has a deep flow of familiarity.  The next question is, "how?" The answer is, through meditation. Meditation is the starting point.

Beginners Mind

It's important to know, that prior to the meditation, one does not have any preconceived ideas about their Dragon. Their appearance will be revealed.  We need to go into this meditation with Beginner's Mind. This is where we have no idea of what is taking place.  It is having a clean slate and being fully immersed in the present moment.  The key ingredient here, is our breath. This brings us and keeps us in the present moment.  Next, we must connect to the ground.  There are various ways to ground ourselves.  One way is to imagine roots growing down into the Earth and anchoring you there. Another way is to work with Light or Spirit, calling in our Guides.

"The deeper we ground ourselves, the higher we go. Together, these two work hand-in-hand."

Casca Graham

When we conduct any spiritual work, we must be protected.  We can do this by placing ourselves in a white/golden dome of protection, affirming that we are only willing to work with beings, who are of 100% light. Next, we connect to the 5th Dimension.  We do this by connecting to our own light, our Energy Body.  We can connect through visualisation and feeling.  A good way to do this is by feeling the air surrounding your whole body.  This is a good starting point.  Once we connect to our own energy, the fun begins and we begin to see, feel, smell and hear.  This is where the spiritual playground exists, and it is within this place that the journey of self-discovery and the discovery of our guides takes place.

"The goal of practice is always to keep a beginners mind."

Jack Kornfield

The Reveal Will Be Unique to You

Our Dragon guides appear pretty quickly. This is because they have been waiting a long time for us to reconnect. They will reveal themselves specifically for you. Your relationship, with your Dragon is ancient, and they will show you what they know you'll recognise.

The Claires

Once you make that first connection each time will be easier.  It's important to note that your spiritual development is crucial, as this will enhance your psychic development and your Claires.  Clairvoyance (see), Clairaudience (hear), Clairsentience (feel), Clair cognizance (know) and Clair olfactory (smell/taste).  When we work on our development, these five senses become stronger and make it easier to connect to spirit and receive messages and healing.

Further Interest

If you want to connect to your Dragon Guides and work with them, then my two courses can support you with this.  Dragon Reiki and Introduction to Dragon Energy.  Both courses will guide you on a journey where you will learn to work with their energy for your own benefit and others.

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