How Can Earth Dragons Support Us
Written by Casca Graham | Posted on October 8, 2022

The first Earth Dragon, I ever connected to, was Renzy. He came in with such a warm, deep and light-hearted energy that I instantly felt that we were friends. I could feel how much he wanted to share information with me.  Renzy is not with me all of the time, but he is very easily accessible, and his knowledge has supported me in my practice massively.  Earth Dragons work with the land and clear dense energy that is lodged very deeply, within the Earth. 

Ley Lines Are the Earths Meridians

These Dragons particularly work with the Earths Ley Lines.  Ley Lines are invisible train tracks underneath the Earth, which allow energy to move around, keeping is dynamic.  They are what I would call The Earth's Meridians.  When these Ley Lines become blocked, the corresponding areas will normally be areas with a volatile demographic.  When we look back over history, we know that our lands are full of dense energy. All the wars and tragedies that have taken place as well as the darkness that we have inflicted upon each other, runs deep into the ground.  Earth Dragons are able to clear this energy but unfortunately, they cannot interfere with our free will. Healing must be requested.  We have to ask them as they cannot interfere with our karma.

"It is an honour to do this work and be of service this way."

Renzy The Earth Dragon

As more and more people are connecting to Dragon energy, we are now able to ask for this assistance.  Anywhere we go, we can call in these Dragons and ask them to clear any blockages.  This clearing is crucial for our planet now as we are shifting into a higher vibration.  Earth Dragons are fire breathers and use fire to burn denser frequencies.  We can invite these Dragons to clear energies in towns, countries and the whole planet.  We can also ask for assistance over schools, hospitals and huge corporations.

Dragons are the Perfect Remedy for Grounding

Earth Dragons help us when we need to ground ourselves.  This is wonderful when we are in a flighty state.  You can do this through meditation or when you are out and about and might feel off centre.  You only have to think of a Dragon, and it will be by your side, as energy has not time or space, so we can ask for assistance, any time.  All Dragons look different, and Earth Dragons appear with various hues of brown and sometimes even black.

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