Awakening The Dragon Through Your Akashic Records
Written by Casca Graham | Posted on May 19, 2024

 Dragon Power

For those walking the leading edge of spiritual transformation, this path inevitably leads to embracing both the infinite cosmic wisdom which is found in the Akashic Records as well as the primal, elemental power of the ancient dragons. By synergizing these two potent forces, you can catalyse an awakening of your full divine essence and celestial birth right as a sacred human upon this Earth.

The Infinite Library of Your Soul's Journey

The Akashic Records act as a vibrational databank encoded with every thought, emotion, experience and karmic imprint across all your lifetimes and dimensions. They contain the full encyclopaedia of your soul's journey through the cosmos. By working with an Akashic Records reader, you can access profound insights into the karmic patterns, soul contracts, past life memories and spiritual gifts influencing your current reality.
This infinite metaphysical library houses the keys to liberating yourself from limiting cycles, reclaiming your creative powers, activating karmic abundance codes, and remembering the truth of your eternal divine nature. The Akashic Records illuminate the cosmic blueprint of who you are beyond the human realm.

Awakening Your Dragon Fire

Your Akashic Records hold the celestial wisdom of your soul's journey. It is the mystical dragons that govern the primal forces of manifestation on the Earth plane. In many traditions, dragons are revered as powerful guardians and embodiments of the four elemental energies - fire, air, water and earth. They provide guidance in awakening and mastering our divine birth right as co-creators with these elemental building blocks of reality.
The dragon's primordial essence, sparks the Kundalini fire that must be ignited to birth your highest self into embodiment. Through yoking your dragon power and channelling its fierce lifeforce current, you can access the wisdom found in the Akashic Records.  This can be grounded into your chakras and cellular matrix to transform your daily existence.

The Marriage of Cosmic and Chthonic Forces

A profound spiritual rebirth is possible by Wedding the illuminating revelations from your Akashic Records with the kundalini-awakening dragon energies. These energies, which are found in the roots of the Earth, create an alchemical union. This allows you to experience multi-dimensional expansion.  It gives you the elemental foundation to anchor these heightened vibrations into your physical form.  The ancient dragons offer the elemental grounding and kundalini fuel. This ushers the light codes and karmic clearings from the Akashic Records into your chakras and auric field. This catalyses an ascension alchemy.  Your celestial soul's essence spirals into embodied expression through the power of the elemental forces of creation.
It is the time for a truly cosmic, yet grounded awakening into your full divine priestess/priestly essence.  Explore the pathways that honour Akashic Records. Allow the sacred power of the Elemental Dragons to light the way. Allow their partnership to guide your transfiguration into a living source of celestial magic upon this Earth. ©


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