Air Dragons and Mental Health
Written by Casca Graham | Posted on October 10, 2022

When I tell people that I work with Dragon Energy, I definitely get a few odd looks.  Folk from the spiritual community are far more accepting than those who are not.  When most people think of Dragons, their initial image is a huge, scaly fire-breathing beast that lives in a cave and guards precious treasure.  The interesting thing is, this is not too far from the truth.  The big difference is that these Dragons dwell in the 4th Dimension and up and when we see them, we connect to them spiritually and not necessarily with the naked eye. They do guard treasure, this is true, however, we are the treasure. Their energy can be felt and often we will see colours and images and some of us may even be given names.  This is all depending on where we are spiritually. 

Dragons Cannot Interfere with Our Karma

Dragons love helping us but it is important to know that they do not have free will and although they want to assist us positively, they cannot do this unless we ask them to, as this will interfere with our karmic agreements. Once we start to connect to Dragon energy, and learn to utilize this, our lives will start to transform dramatically.

4th Dimensional Dragons

The 4th Dimensional Dragons are what we call Elemental Dragons.  They are Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Akashic Dragons.  Each of these Dragons possess incredible healing attributes but for this article, we will be covering the Air Dragons and how they can support our mental health.

When we look at the Zodiac and at Air Signs, we know that they are focused on intellect and communication.  They are what I like to call the “Heady Bunch.”  They are drawn to all things mental and more than often are considered over-thinkers.  When we look at the element Air, in Shamanism, we again connect to communication and the mind.  Messages from our Ancestors are said to be carried on the air.

The Element Air

Air is movable, changeable, and light and of course we have our personal air element: our breath?  So, when we think about our mental health, of course there are many things that can support us, but all things related to the head and the mind are beautifully connected to Air.  After working with the Air Dragons, they have shown me clearly how they work.  They have a gentle, light energy and can almost make us feel as if we could fly.  They are great for clearing stagnant fibres of energy from our minds as well as repetitive thought patterns. 

"Dragons are the perfect remedy!"

Casca Graham

When we have trouble making decisions or if we are having issues with quieting the mind, then these Dragons are the perfect remedy.  They are great in helping us with raising our vibration, so when we are feeling low or even depressed, these Dragons can support us into a more positive state.  They are great for clearing dense energy from our homes or workspaces and can replace this with a clearer higher vibrational energy, which can support everyone.  Often when these Dragons are in action, we can feel and even see their energy with the naked eye, as material objects can move, such as curtains or feathers.   


Take two deep breaths into your lungs, nice and slowly

Close your eyes or keep them open

Then start to breathe as you normally breath

Take your awareness down to your feet or if you are sitting, then your seated base.

Really feel the ground underneath your feet.

Now connect to your whole body…. Breath, ground, body

Take your awareness up to the Sun above you

Feel the warmth and the heat

Visualize pure, white light moving into the Crown Chakra (Top of the Head)

Pull that light into your whole body

Now expand this light all around you and create a golden dome of protection all around your body.

Still focusing on your breath, say out loud or in your head….

Beautiful Air Dragon,

Thank you for drawing near.  Your presence feels so good. 

I ask that you please assist me today in clearing away the cobwebs and debris within mind, replacing it with higher vibrational thought patterns and clarity.  I ask that you clear any negative energetic cables that are not supporting my highest good and to release all negative chatter, feelings of self-doubt and recurring negative memories.

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