Breaking Free from Chakra Programming by Spirit Guides
Written by Casca Graham | Posted on June 24, 2024

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Breaking Free from Chakra Programming by Spirit Guides

We're often taught that spirit guides are benevolent, wise forces that are here to help us on our spiritual journey. However, there are some lesser-known perspectives that these guides - despite positive intentions - can actually run negative programs and energy patterns through our chakra system. This "programming" can then manifest as repeating issues, blocks, and self-sabotaging behaviours in our lives.

Chakras and Programming

Each of the seven main chakras governs certain aspects of our mind, body, and spirit. When a spirit guide inserts a program or energy imprint into one of these chakra centres, it can create imbalances that play out in problematic ways. For example, a guide program in the sacral chakra could result in struggles with sexuality, intimacy, creativity or addictive tendencies. A solar plexus programming may manifest as chronic issues with confidence, personal power, or motivation.
This type of programming usually stems from a soul covenant, karmic agreement, or well-intentioned but ultimately misguided attempt by guides to "teach us lessons" in difficult ways. Guides without full perspective can get caught up in the human experience and limited paradigms. Their programs keep us looping through the same challenges lifetime after lifetime.

Visualise Empowered Recoding and Software

The good news is we have the power to release these programs and imprints. Building awareness around the patterns is key. Notice where you get "stuck" on repeat - relationships, finances, health, etc. These are likely being reinforced by a guide's chakra program. Then, use techniques like chakra work, energy healing, or psychic clearing to rewrite the code in that chakra. You can even visualize recoding it with empowered new software that better aligns with your soul's freedom.

Clearing Your Akashic Records for a Fresh Start

For a complete energetic reset, one powerful solution is to clear your Akashic Records - the vibrational blueprint that stores all your soul's experiences across lifetimes. By having an Akashic Record clearing done by a skilled practitioner, you can dissolve outdated soul contracts, release all negative programs and imprints, and essentially hit the reset button. This allows you to reassign new spirit guides who are better aligned with your highest interests moving forward. With clear Akashic Records and an embodied guide team, you'll be able to recode your chakras with empowering new patterns to finally break free from repeating cycles.
Ultimately, we choose our own experiences—the guides don't have final say. Routinely clearing their programs and our Akashic Records prevents getting stuck in cycles that don't serve you. Reclaim your chakra autonomy, and your spirit will be liberated.

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