Eclipse Season
Written by Casca Graham | Posted on October 30, 2022

We have reached a time where separation does not exist and collectively we are all shifting simultaneously with one another.

The intense eclipse energies that are currently at play, although intense are a mere gift from the Universe. Although these energies come accross as challenging and dense, they are in fact here to assist us with some very deep healing that needs to take place individually as well as collectively.

The Future Does Not Exist

The healing that is taking place is a rapid process and many of us will feel pure exhaustion and you may find yourself existing in an almost altered state. Many of us are now dwelling more and more in the present moment and using the past as a reflection tool only. We are now struggling to make plans and visualise the future and when we are in this space, it feels almost uncomfortable. The reason for this is that the future does not exist and we are only existing in the "here and now."

Go With the Flow

The strong message here is to allow yourself to go with the natural flow of what is taking place. Allow yourself to feel all of your feelings, without passing judgement. Remember, this is your God-given right, having a "Human Experience."

Go with the flow.

Force nothing.

Let it happen...trusting that whichever way it goes. It's for the best.

Mandy Hale

If you feel as though you are going against the grain, then stop! Listen to what you feel. At this time, your intuition and the natural flow of your soul are peaking. The Vale is thinning and your connection to spirit, is the strongest it's ever been. The most important thing you can do, is TRUST.

Trust the process,

Trust your feelings,

Trust yourself.

Embrace Your Evolution

Remember to always make time to check-in and honour the healing and evolution of your Soul, which is taking place. When you embrace this and fill yourself with gratitude, you allow this process to really take shape.

Every day, connect to your breath, connect to the ground and connect to your whole body. Be gentle with yourself and make time for rest.

Youve got this, Beautiful Soul! You should be so proud of yourself; with the distance you have come.

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