The Process of Restructuring
Written by Casca Graham | Posted on March 8, 2022

The process of restructuring

As our planet shifts, twists and sheds its layers, so too, do we.  It's important for us to know that we are not separate from her, or each other.  We are, in fact, one.

Many of us have been feeling a shift since 2013, or should I say, been aware of a process of transformation.

There is nothing easy about metamorphosis.  The shedding of the old is painful and intrusive.  It targets old wounds and cuts through our genetic lineage with a blunt knife.  Even the smallest amount of debris goes unnoticed and just when you think you've reached a pivotal point in your healing....

BAM, it surfaces again....

Our physical bodies reflect the shift, resulting in illness and challenged mental health and quite honestly, some days just don't feel worth it.  The thing is.... each time we push through an unhealed layer, we do become lighter.  We also become more resilient and our light shines a little brighter.

The message is this..... keep pushing on, beautiful souls.  I see you, I see your struggle and I see your pain but I also see your light.  You are getting brighter and brighter and I salute you and I salute your strength.  You are a beautiful soul, experiencing this human journey.... embrace the process and embrace your transformation.

You are truly magnificent, in all your glory.

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