Fear Not the Serpent
Written by Casca Graham | Posted on October 12, 2022

As we shift and roll and tumble and turn. As we stand still then shake and flick and flack. 

The pain

The trauma 

The loss 

The hurt...... 

All must surface, 

All my shift,

All must release before we grow.

In one way or another our layers must shift.

In one way or another our skin must shed.

We are here to grow,

We are here to learn, 

As we germinate and start to sprout, we begin to crack through the hard exteriors that previously held us back and caused stagnation. 

There is no other way but out and up. 

There are parts of our exterior that cannot join us as we grow. 

These are the pieces and shells that we must shed. 

They are the old,

They have served a major purpose in our development but there presence now is heavy and restricting.

We are moving into lighter territory and there is no place for them in this reality.

So, fear not the serpent who gracefully sheds its skin, for this is the natural process for growth. Instead, learn from this symbolic creature and honour the process of releasing what no longer serves, in order to rise.

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