Earth Dragons' Gift of Rooted Connection

In the mystical realm where dragons dwell, there exists a noble breed whose very essence is interwoven with the depths of the earth itself - the Earth Dragons. With scales that glimmer like polished gemstones and eyes that reflect the ancient wisdom of the land, these powerful beings embody the virtues of grounding, nurturing, and an unwavering connection to the rhythms of nature. In a world that often pulls us toward the dizzying heights of ambition and disconnection, the Earth Dragons emerge as faithful guides, anchoring us to the fertile soils of our truth and reminding us of our sacred bond with the very planet that sustains us.

Surrender to The Ground

At the core of an Earth Dragon's magic lies the ability to cultivate a profound sense of rootedness within the human spirit. With a gentle nudge of their tails or a rumbling purr that resonates through the soil, they beckon us to release the tendrils of our restless minds and surrender to the grounding embrace of the earth beneath our feet. In doing so, they teach us to find solace in the constancy of nature's cycles, to draw strength from the unwavering presence of ancient trees and rocky outcrops that have born witness to the passage of eons.
Moreover, the Earth Dragons are the diligent guardians of the intricate network of Leylines that crisscross the planet's surface like a vast, subterranean circulatory system. These powerful energy meridians, pulsing with the life force of the earth itself, are the pathways through which the planet's vitality flows, nourishing all life in its wake. Yet, in our modern age of relentless development and disharmony with nature, these Leylines have become increasingly obstructed, hindering the flow of the earth's rejuvenating energies.

Feel The Resonance of The Earth Heartbeat

It is here that the Earth Dragons play a crucial role, working tirelessly to clear and realign these vital conduits. With a deep, rumbling breath, they harmonize their own powerful vibrations with those of the Leylines, dislodging stagnant energies and restoring the fluidity of the earth's life-giving currents. Their efforts are akin to the gentle yet persistent force of a river carving its way through a canyon, gradually dissolving the obstructions that impede the planet's natural rhythms.
In this process of Leyline Attunement, the Earth Dragons invite us to bear witness, to feel the resonance of the earth's heartbeat within our own beings. As we attune to their frequencies, we become conduits ourselves, channels through which the earth's revitalizing forces can flow, nourishing not only our own spirits but the collective consciousness of humanity.
Yet, the gifts of the Earth Dragons extend beyond the realm of the physical. Their presence is a poignant reminder of the interdependence that exists between all life on this planet, and of our sacred duty to honour and protect the very source from which we arose. Through their gentle guidance, we learn to embody the virtues of patience, resilience, and a deep reverence for the intricate web of life that sustains us.

Open Our Hearts

So, let us open our hearts to the wise teachings of these terrestrial guardians, allowing their grounding energies to anchor us in the present moment and reconnect us to the nurturing embrace of the earth. For it is only through this sacred bond that we can truly find our place in the great tapestry of existence, and play our part in ensuring the harmony and vitality of our planetary home.

Can Accessing the Akashic Records Bring Abundance into My Life?

Often, clients will want information on how they can become more abundant in life. The truth is, when it comes to abundance, it goes across the entire board. Abundance is not specific and if we become abundant in business, more than often we will have abundance in all areas of our lives and vice versa.

Poor Past Life Choices

There are many reasons for lack of abundance. By accessing the Akashic Records, we can highlight those issues.  Some of the reasons for lack of abundance can stem right back to 20 or 30 lifetimes ago.  This would mean that for all the life times since, we have had issues with abundance and lack.  This could be from a traumatic experience that occurred through poor choices, or it could simply be from a vow that we made to an individual or authority. 

"There are 200 million poor in the world, who would gladly take a vow to poverty if it meant they could eat, dress and have a home, like I do."

Fulton, J Sheen

Energetic Programmes

We also have programmes that are running through us, which we call blocks and restrictions.  Some of these programmes have energetic statements, such a lack, limitation, inhibition and misdirection.  All of these statements would create abundance blocks of some sort. The way that these programs prevent abundance is like an energetic statement that runs through our energy body.  It builds up so much power that it actually starts to manifest the statement into our life.

Negative Spirit Guides and Karma

Another way that we can have abundance blocks could be through our spirit guides.  Our once positive guides can in fact become negative. When this happens, they can begin to run negative programmes through our various Chakras, creating these negative experiences.  Lastly, another way that our abundance can become restricted is through Negative Unjustified Karma.  This is where something has happened many, many life times ago. The karma has already been balanced out, but the programme is still continuing.  This seems almost unfair. By accessing the Akashic Records can be a huge shift in our consciousness and lives.  

Once these programmes are cleared, we can then to step fully into our power and enjoy the abundant life. This is our God-given right.

Anyone with the correct training can clear the Akashic Records. However, it is down to us to also make the changes moving forward.  We can do this with affirmations and through making different choices.  As we do this, our vibration will also rise and when we do this, we are able to manifest more easily.

My next blog will be covering Soul vibration and manifestation.

Eclipse Season

We have reached a time where separation does not exist and collectively we are all shifting simultaneously with one another.

The intense eclipse energies that are currently at play, although intense are a mere gift from the Universe. Although these energies come accross as challenging and dense, they are in fact here to assist us with some very deep healing that needs to take place individually as well as collectively.

The Future Does Not Exist

The healing that is taking place is a rapid process and many of us will feel pure exhaustion and you may find yourself existing in an almost altered state. Many of us are now dwelling more and more in the present moment and using the past as a reflection tool only. We are now struggling to make plans and visualise the future and when we are in this space, it feels almost uncomfortable. The reason for this is that the future does not exist and we are only existing in the "here and now."

Go With the Flow

The strong message here is to allow yourself to go with the natural flow of what is taking place. Allow yourself to feel all of your feelings, without passing judgement. Remember, this is your God-given right, having a "Human Experience."

Go with the flow.

Force nothing.

Let it happen...trusting that whichever way it goes. It's for the best.

Mandy Hale

If you feel as though you are going against the grain, then stop! Listen to what you feel. At this time, your intuition and the natural flow of your soul are peaking. The Vale is thinning and your connection to spirit, is the strongest it's ever been. The most important thing you can do, is TRUST.

Trust the process,

Trust your feelings,

Trust yourself.

Embrace Your Evolution

Remember to always make time to check-in and honour the healing and evolution of your Soul, which is taking place. When you embrace this and fill yourself with gratitude, you allow this process to really take shape.

Every day, connect to your breath, connect to the ground and connect to your whole body. Be gentle with yourself and make time for rest.

Youve got this, Beautiful Soul! You should be so proud of yourself; with the distance you have come.

Fear Not the Serpent

As we shift and roll and tumble and turn. As we stand still then shake and flick and flack. 

The pain

The trauma 

The loss 

The hurt...... 

All must surface, 

All my shift,

All must release before we grow.

In one way or another our layers must shift.

In one way or another our skin must shed.

We are here to grow,

We are here to learn, 

As we germinate and start to sprout, we begin to crack through the hard exteriors that previously held us back and caused stagnation. 

There is no other way but out and up. 

There are parts of our exterior that cannot join us as we grow. 

These are the pieces and shells that we must shed. 

They are the old,

They have served a major purpose in our development but there presence now is heavy and restricting.

We are moving into lighter territory and there is no place for them in this reality.

So, fear not the serpent who gracefully sheds its skin, for this is the natural process for growth. Instead, learn from this symbolic creature and honour the process of releasing what no longer serves, in order to rise.

Air Dragons and Mental Health

When I tell people that I work with Dragon Energy, I definitely get a few odd looks.  Folk from the spiritual community are far more accepting than those who are not.  When most people think of Dragons, their initial image is a huge, scaly fire-breathing beast that lives in a cave and guards precious treasure.  The interesting thing is, this is not too far from the truth.  The big difference is that these Dragons dwell in the 4th Dimension and up and when we see them, we connect to them spiritually and not necessarily with the naked eye. They do guard treasure, this is true, however, we are the treasure. Their energy can be felt and often we will see colours and images and some of us may even be given names.  This is all depending on where we are spiritually. 

Dragons Cannot Interfere with Our Karma

Dragons love helping us but it is important to know that they do not have free will and although they want to assist us positively, they cannot do this unless we ask them to, as this will interfere with our karmic agreements. Once we start to connect to Dragon energy, and learn to utilize this, our lives will start to transform dramatically.

4th Dimensional Dragons

The 4th Dimensional Dragons are what we call Elemental Dragons.  They are Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Akashic Dragons.  Each of these Dragons possess incredible healing attributes but for this article, we will be covering the Air Dragons and how they can support our mental health.

When we look at the Zodiac and at Air Signs, we know that they are focused on intellect and communication.  They are what I like to call the “Heady Bunch.”  They are drawn to all things mental and more than often are considered over-thinkers.  When we look at the element Air, in Shamanism, we again connect to communication and the mind.  Messages from our Ancestors are said to be carried on the air.

The Element Air

Air is movable, changeable, and light and of course we have our personal air element: our breath?  So, when we think about our mental health, of course there are many things that can support us, but all things related to the head and the mind are beautifully connected to Air.  After working with the Air Dragons, they have shown me clearly how they work.  They have a gentle, light energy and can almost make us feel as if we could fly.  They are great for clearing stagnant fibres of energy from our minds as well as repetitive thought patterns. 

"Dragons are the perfect remedy!"

Casca Graham

When we have trouble making decisions or if we are having issues with quieting the mind, then these Dragons are the perfect remedy.  They are great in helping us with raising our vibration, so when we are feeling low or even depressed, these Dragons can support us into a more positive state.  They are great for clearing dense energy from our homes or workspaces and can replace this with a clearer higher vibrational energy, which can support everyone.  Often when these Dragons are in action, we can feel and even see their energy with the naked eye, as material objects can move, such as curtains or feathers.   


Take two deep breaths into your lungs, nice and slowly

Close your eyes or keep them open

Then start to breathe as you normally breath

Take your awareness down to your feet or if you are sitting, then your seated base.

Really feel the ground underneath your feet.

Now connect to your whole body…. Breath, ground, body

Take your awareness up to the Sun above you

Feel the warmth and the heat

Visualize pure, white light moving into the Crown Chakra (Top of the Head)

Pull that light into your whole body

Now expand this light all around you and create a golden dome of protection all around your body.

Still focusing on your breath, say out loud or in your head….

Beautiful Air Dragon,

Thank you for drawing near.  Your presence feels so good. 

I ask that you please assist me today in clearing away the cobwebs and debris within mind, replacing it with higher vibrational thought patterns and clarity.  I ask that you clear any negative energetic cables that are not supporting my highest good and to release all negative chatter, feelings of self-doubt and recurring negative memories.