About Casca Graham

Release, Heal & Empower Your Life.

At creation, our newborn souls are pure, but to evolve we need to learn in order to grow, so we embark on a journey across many incarnations. Every earth bound incarnation is a beautiful soul journey with possibilities beyond our wildest dreams if we can just open our hearts. Just like the strongest steel is forged in the hottest furnaces, the most challenging of lives help us grow. We must understand that the free will we have is a gift, and when aligned with our soul purpose, we not only raise our consciousness, but the collective consciousness of humanity.

My mission as a healer is to help people discover their true soul purpose, and learn to unconditionally accept and love themselves and others. And furthermore, to empower people who share the same mission and life purpose with the tools and training to do likewise.

It is a blessing to be here at this transitional time in the ascension of Gaia.

My name is Casca Graham.  I am based in Essex, Uk.  I am a Spiritual Teacher.  I work deeply in the Akashic Records as well as with the Dragon Realm.  I have a fully accredited academy, called the Casca Graham Academy where I teach online as well as face to face. I also see clients for deep healing, shadow work Akashic sessions as well as readings. I am a multidimensional Shamanic Healer.
It is an absolute honour to be of service.

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