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Casca Graham, 

A warm welcome to my website where I’d like to share with you my own life purpose; to spread light and reawaken the souls of others to their true purpose.

Please join me on this mission and become champions of change and release the world from the tyranny of fear.

As we light up the world with love and compassion for one another, earth will enter a new golden age, the age of Aquarius.

From my heart to your heart.

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ExcellentCasca Graham, Spiritual Teacher5.0 Based on 22 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onJane KamberovJane Kamberov ★★★★★ I participated in Casca’s “ Third Eye Activation” course on May 3rd, 2024. I had such an amazing spiritual experience. I traveled through different dimensions and received profound insights.Casca has an extraordinary natural ability for guiding people through magical meditations to connect them deeply with the Divine energy.I feel blessed to know Casca and I always enjoy taking her trainings and courses. So grateful for it!I highly recommend Casca Graham courses, trainings and all of her services for everyone interested in spiritual growth and energy healing.🙏🏻❤️🐉💫🧚‍♂️🌏Krista IrimiaKrista Irimia ★★★★★ I have worked with Casca as a student and a client; she is an incredibly warm person, making it easy to open up to talk to, and each session is informative and personable. The Dragon Reiki course was detailed and informative, and you can see the love she has put into the course. She also carried out an Akashic Records reading for my children. So much information coincided with other readings we have had in the past and included a wealth of information we can implement going forward. I highly recommend Casca and look forward to working with her in the future.Response from the ownerDearest Krista,Thank you so much for this 5 star review... Its been an absolute blessing to work with you 🩷🪶Thank you so much for your 5 Stars. It was very special sharing this modality with you.All my love,Casca 🐉🩷 Unicorn shine ShineUnicorn shine Shine ★★★★★ Where do I start, Casca has such a beautiful soul. she has helped not only me but my partner my mum and my sister with healing and guidance . It has been life changing for us all. She has been so right with everything she has said and has helped us navigate hard times in such a transformational way. I personally have been meeting with Casca now for over a year and will continue to have regular sessions with her for all things light and healing 💜Shannon AdamsonShannon Adamson ★★★★★ I have had the pleasure of having a few readings with casca, and she is truly gifted beyond words...she holds space for you with such love and honesty, i would truly recommend her to anyone who needs guidance and love , she is absolute gift to this world ✨❤️Response from the ownerDearest Shannon,Thank you from the bottom of my heart fir thus wonderful review. I feel deeply moved by it and it truly is a gift to read for you.Thank you so muchAll my love,Casca 🤍🤍🤍 Sónia ReisSónia Reis ★★★★★ I've had several healing experiences with Casca and they were all amazing, but this time Casca has accessed my 2 year old son's akashic records. Little did I know that some of his limitations for his age were explained during this appointment. After the clearing work I've had to do on behalf of my son, I've seen such an improvement in his development, such as speech and his overall energy and wellbeing.I've just had a follow up appointment with Casca and was so glad to hear that the clearing we've done has worked and we'll now keep in touch to see my son's progress.I can't recommend Casca enough, she's a true healer and has helped me in so many ways. Thank you so much you beautiful soul 💜Response from the ownerMy dearest Sonia,This review is rely special. Thank you so, so much. I have such a special place for you and Sammie in my heart and I feel honoured to have supported him and you, in this way. My support for Sammie is eternal and I'm really looking forward to his evolution.Thank you... I love you all so much. david mooredavid moore ★★★★★ What can I say? Casca is amazing, i’ve just completed a 5 session Akashic Record Reading and I can honestly say working with Casca has completely turned my life around. She is a massive support and still continues to message me to see how I am. I will definitely be continuing my work with her. She truly is a beautiful kind soul.Carla xxResponse from the ownerDearest Carla,I am honoured to be part of your journey and your evolution. You are really amazing.Thank you for this Heart felt review... It truly means so, so much.All my loveCasca 💜💜💜 Siobhan KelleherSiobhan Kelleher ★★★★★ I completed my Angelic Reiki with Casca and it was a truly amazing experience to connect and learn from such a wonderful teacher. Thank you for all your support and encouragement, you are inspiring 💜Response from the ownerIt was such a wonderful experience to share this with you as well as her to know you again... (in this lifetime).Wishing you so much joy and success on your journey. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review.From my heat, to your heart.Casca Anita shukla-accardiAnita shukla-accardi ★★★★★ I have worked with Casca since 2019. She is 100% the real deal. She really connected me to my potential as an energy healing practitioner and working with her truly changed my life! She was a catalyst in me becoming more of what I meant to be & was my greatest supporter as I began my business. I was lucky enough to meet her when she was in the US, and I am so grateful that people around the world will have the opportunity to be touched by her work.Response from the ownerMy dearest Anita,Thjs is such a powerful review and I wanted to say, thank you so much.You are a Light and we have both evolved and grown so much, since meeting in the US.It was a blessing to share this with you and then watch you expand and create a beautiful community. You are very powerful...Sending you the deepest of love,From my heart, to your heartCasca 🤍 Char JefChar Jef ★★★★★ I have trained with Casca in Angelic reiki as well as having my akashic records read and enjoyed her wonderful healing meditations. Every encounter with Casca is always mindblowing! She is a powerful healer and teacher. I can't recommend enough ✨️Response from the ownerDearest Char... Thank you for this review, I appriciate it so much. It's been truly an honour to share it All with you and be part of your journey.From my heart, to your heart,Casca 🩷🪶 Hendrik ViljoenHendrik Viljoen ★★★★★ I can definitely recommend Casca! She is extremely skilled at clearing energy that is no longer useful, I am looking forward to seeing how my life unfolds since working with her, I have felt much better since and the after care she offered me was very helpful and sincereResponse from the ownerDearest Hennie,Thank you fir your review and very kind words. I have really enjoyed working with you and am looking forward to our next session.From my heart, to your heart,Casca 🤍🪶 kathy nielsen erskinekathy nielsen erskine ★★★★★ This course was amazing! I learned so much. Casca Graham is very personable, patient, takes the time to answer everyone's questions, material presentations are interactive and very interesting. The learning atmosphere is calm and respectful. Casca is a wonderful teacher!Response from the ownerDearest Kathy,Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. I'm so happy you enjoyed your training and I'm wishing you so much happiness and growth on your spiritual journey.All my loveCasca Dona HasanajDona Hasanaj ★★★★★ I have known Casca for almost 4 years now and have been a regular client of hers for Reiki healing as well as readings. She is the person I would always go to when I need guidance or healing not only for the incredible powers and spiritual understanding that she has but also for her honesty and care. Casca will really take care of you and be of service and help. I deeply value her purity. She is a pure soul with pure intentions always ready to help.Response from the ownerDearest Dona,Thank you for your review. Bbit has been an honour to be part of your journey and witness your growth. You're powerful Light.From my heart, to your heart,Casca TIC Consulting 33TIC Consulting 33 ★★★★★ Casca is by far the best energy healer and Dragon Master. I've had a few sessions with Casca over the last three years and each of them were very powerful and life transforming. Her work is always shifting with the needs of the collective knowing exactly on time. Thank you Casca for the incredible work. See you in my next session.Response from the ownerMy Dearest Eddie,Thank you for your heartfelt review, it means so much. I feel truly blessed to have worked with you over the years and etching you grow has been beautiful. I'm sending you you all of my love, on your journey.From my heart, to your heart,Casca Ailene EAilene E ★★★★★ The Dragon Reiki Practitioner Course was so amazing, I feel honored to be trained in this powerful healing modality! It wasn’t an overwhelming amount of information or energy, but just enough to really gain something meaningful from the two days. I already have noticed the impact it’s having on myself and my healing journey. I’m excited to share it with others. Casca is an awesome teacher, I appreciate it so much! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone interested. 💜Response from the ownerDearest Ailene,Thank you for your wonderful review. I'm so happy you enjoyed Dragon Reiki and I wish you so much growth and Healing in the future with this modality.Thank you for receiving.From my heart, to your heartCasca 🐉 Elfa AgustsdottirElfa Agustsdottir ★★★★★ I’ve been part of two courses with Casca. The first was Angelic Reiki and the second was Dragon Reiki. I can’t find a strong enough words to describe how highly I think of Casca. She’s a magical teacher and as a person. So loving and kind and knowledgeable about everything.I took the second class online and it was as magical as in person. Both courses were absolutely a dream and changed me. Now I am more understanding with my self and others and see the world differently. To connect with Angels and Dragons are much easier than I thought and it’s a beautiful gift to have them in your life, to guide you and just to be there for you when ever you need them. To understand that everyone can connect was a beautiful thing and makes me so happy!Wonderful Casca. I am so thankful for you in me life and am looking forward to have more classes with you.Sara GibsonSara Gibson ★★★★★ Excellent Reiki training! Casca is knowledgeable, attentive, and compassionate. I would highly recommend her courses to anyone looking to deepen their spirituality.Erica SchneiderErica Schneider ★★★★★ Casca is a wonderful healer and instructor! She has such a loving energy about her that shines through in every interaction. I have taken three courses with Tranquil Garden Academy and each has expanded my experience and knowledge as a healer and Reiki Master. Learning to work with Dragon energy in the Dragon Reiki Course took my healing abilities to an entirely new level. It has deepened my spiritual connection and awareness in energy work. I look forward to continuing to learn from this amazing teacher!Michelle PriceMichelle Price ★★★★★ Casca is a pure source of healing light and love. With her authentic knowlege and guidance of many types of spiritual modalities-She helps direct us towards the lighted path.I recently took Casca's Dragon Reiki workshop. WOW!!!! This workshop was so powerful and healing for my heart and soul. Learning about dragons and how they can help our daily lives ... is life changing for me and has helped me move foreward with confidence. I highly recommend taking this workshop:) and connecting with Casca. She is a beautiful Goddess of healing light!I Thank you for your healings and love and I am so grateful for you!MichelleBurton, OhioUSATimothy BallTimothy Ball ★★★★★ This past weekend I took the Dragon Reiki 1 & 2 certification class. I only learned about Dragon Reiki a few months ago and it has been an amazing experience leading up to this class. Since being attuned my vibrations have been noticeably different. Thanks for opening my eyes to the light and love the dragons have to offer. Any one interested in meditation, reiki and dragons should consider taking this class. I am only a beginner and this was the perfect class. It’s great for all levels from my understanding. The dragons will meet you at whatever point you are on of your spiritual journey. Casca is an extremely loving teacher and spiritual guide. I highly recommend her services!Response from the ownerTim, thank you so much for your review and it is so wonderful to know how this course has and will support you.It was an honour to share this modality with you and I wish you so much happiness and healing on this journey.Thank you for your kind words.Lots of loveCasca Shannon L. KeelynShannon L. Keelyn ★★★★★ Amazing! Casca created and held the most beautiful space for us. This modality is wonderful and our group came together seamlessly. The workshop was incredibly healing and the energy was safe and nurturing and invited time for self reflection and self care. What better gift can you give yourself, and then share with others? I highly recommend this!Response from the ownerShannon. It was such an honour to guide you and be part of your journey.Im so delighted that you loved this course. Thank you for your wonderful comment.Sending you so much love.Casca Amanda sweetpeaAmanda sweetpea ★★★★★ Casca is an incredible healer, i have had both treatments and taken workshops at the Tranquil Garden. The angelic reiki workshop was magical, i highly recommend her services.Jordan BoonJordan Boon ★★★★★ Casca was fantastic at the hand and foot massage that I and my wife had as a little treat to ourselves. Casca is a great person and very interesting, she also knows when to be quiet if you just want to relax which is great.Jordanjs_loader
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